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Rather appropriate, old friend. (Hey it's Summerdown. You know me better by my DA name Uncle_V. ^~^)

It is quite a bitter feeling when one loses a post, an account, an entire platform! simply because what it is is somewhat more daring or eyebrow-raising. And there is no good that Tumblr turned as sour as it had, kicking out damn near everyone as an extreme solution.
But the good since that happened, as you outlined, is the communities now available to us that we otherwise would not have found, that now we're a little closer together and (hopefully) more supportive of eachother and of our kinds of content.

I can't convince everyone, but we all have a right to go about the internet at our leisure, to draw what we may, like what we like, and pursue our version of expression whatever that is.
And maybe neither of us are very influential, but it takes somebody to start something, and if you had to ask me, I think already a discussion is happening about all this.

I just find it interesting that there's attempts in all fronts of making the internet more "Correct" and "accessible" but they don't mind destroying a good part of what made the internet great, that is it a place where we can have discussions about Taboo topics that are usually not as accessible in daily life and mainstream society like Sexuality.

The internet has been acting like an outlet for stuff like that for many people (when used correctly), and now they want to censor it and disband this type of communities by taking their platforms away.

It is true that some people are always going to use it the wrong way, and if they're doing illegal activities they should be prosecuted for their crimes, but how can an illustration hurt anyone?

I'm not sure how the artist (and other) communities work over on tumblr. Can things chain, with a large minority taking others with them?

I've been hearing all over the place from different people that they mostly used Tumblr to browse NSFW stuff.

I believe the platform can still subsist without that content, but I'm not sure how is it going to affect the traffic, only time will tell if Tumblr will be able to keep an audience kicking out half of their creators. I personally know someone who made an account specifically to follow an artist and now that the artist won't be able to upload, he already uninstalled the app.

I also didn't only lost my NSFW blog, I lost all of them: Gaming, Safe artwork, reblogs and I never got a response back from support, So I don't have any motivation to go back.

Yeah they are going after a lot of people, from one thing or another. The entire spectrum of publicly hosted media-platforms are pushing us out to make way for their corporate money-makers specifically to PC brands etc.
At least NewGrounds still holds fast.

Soon everything will become like mainstream media. Just look at Youtube, it's already becoming like TV networks.

Now that the old media is dying they want to take us out, but hopefully we'll find new ways and places to express ourselves.

@SusanCalvin @Linkerluis It's still clouded and intransparant about what counts as NSFW and what resources tumblr/Verizon have dedicated to the process. I think it could work for them if they manage to make it clear for their users about where they draw the line. Right now it's not, and if people keep noticing bot accounts shilling porn after a few months or SFW content getting dropped to the point where the site starts to become unusable to the greater audience.

@WhiteBaron2018 @Linkerluis Part of our effort to preserve cultural heritage has just acknowledged that capitalism is too weird to trust fully, and that we must sometimes break the rules for the greater good.

@SusanCalvin @Linkerluis
Capitalism has been taken way too far and has been slowly going that way since the 1940s in Europe and 1913 in the USA.