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me ;))))

Mmm, maybe that's against the rules XD if not everyone would promote themselves and we wouldn't meet new people outside this circle :O

Like for example how about Narmak, the animator behind those Spongebob anime short XD I just found him looking at your favorites.

Lo que he hecho hasta ahora es buscar en los mejores del mes... ahi esta en la pestaƱa de arte

Ya la vamos a probar entonces, gracias :9

@g3no is a great artist who has also done Mighty Switch Force fan art!

So the legends ARE true, Tom Fulp is real! :O

I learned about you from those animations I watched back in the day and it always felt like I knew you, so it's nice to finally talk to you :D

For real, I thought that this feature was similar to the Journal entries on Deviantart where no one besides the people that browse my page can see them, so it's also nice to have that confirmation!

I've actually wrote like 4 journals on DA already about someone abusing the report system and getting my stuff deleted, even directing a tweet to the official account and getting no response, to the point where I have doubts that there's humans managing that site... XD

Anyways, my point being, getting a comment from the site's creator so casually is a good sign that I'll actually be able to talk to someone if I ever get into any sorts of troubles... and not that I'm looking for troubles! I come in peace! XD but, you know, mistakes happens :)

Thanks for the recommendation! He seems to have plenty of stuff to check, so I'll take my time browsing his gallery :9

Hmmmmm GoodBadArtist has some pretty good art i would recomend them

Thanks! I'll check him out :)

@TomFulp @Linkerluis I've never understood why other websites are SO HARD to get a response from. I don't manage to reply to everything but I read it all and try to do what I can.

I'm not sure how many people really browse the community news but there is a listing that tracks all new posts:


It defaults to Artists but you can browse General too. I have to check that one daily for spam accounts. We also have Artist News on the front page but that feature is unlocked by winning trophies and we need to change that to make it more open to Art Portal artists too.

My guess is that their system is mostly automated. They deleted more 30 some artworks of mine under certain restrictions, some of which didn't make sense, supposedly evaluated by an "admin":


On another case I kept getting reports on an artwork that was already censored and filtered, I actually added a huge bar covering everything to see if it made any difference:


They don't give me an option to ask for a manual review, so I don't know how they know it's breaking the rules or if I changed the submission enough to make it acceptable.

I actually made an artwork taunting the admins recently, just to see I could get a response from someone, and somehow it made it into the most popular in 24 hours (a first for me), I'm not sure how, but it did.

If there were actually someone checking all of this I would've got some sort of report, comment, or even a suspension, I don't know... something? Someone mentioned that it had to mean something when a drawing protesting the current ruling of DA by taking advantage of its biggest loophole made into the front page. Even with the title being #$@%* admins Be #$@%* bots.

There's no way to reach them. They could have easily write me to remove or change the submissions, but I got suspended and lost access to my account so fast that I couldn't do anything about it, and while all of this was happening I wasn't able to talk to anyone on their staff.

All of this happened a couple of weeks before the Tumblr Purge, so you can imagine how cornered I've been feeling recently.

I still have access to my Deviantart account, but it feels like I don't have as much freedom there anymore, plus I can't shake the feeling that the user base has been on a decline for a long time now, but it might just be me.

I kinda wish now I kept my old Newgrounds account active now, I just didn't know that I had a place as an artist since I always associated the site with animations, I guess I'm like the prodigal son coming back home after being mistreated for a long time XD

Artist Recommendations, he asks, well, I fave a few peeps one the site that you can check out on my profile. Some of them might be artist . . . I don't know though . . .

I already found a few on your profile, thanks for the suggestion :)

I've got a ton of favorite artists but if I had to recommend one it would be Walnusstinte. Lots of his works are Pixel-art orientated but they're pretty much all amazing.

Thanks, I'll check him out :)